Foreclosure Listing: Budd Ave, Budd Lake, NJ 07828

The foreclosure property located at Budd Ave in Budd Lake, Indiana was added to our system on 10/8/2010. It features 3.0 bedrooms, 2.0 bathrooms, and is currently listed at $0. The property originally went into foreclosure on 8/9/2010, and is scheduled to remain in foreclosure status until 6/5/2011.

Listing Type:  Preforeclosure
Property Type:  
Street:  Budd Ave
City:  Budd Lake
State:  NJ
Zip Code:  07828
County:  Morris
Bedrooms:  3.0
Bathrooms:  2.0
Price:  $0
Start Date:  8/9/2010
Stop Date:  6/5/2011
Pre-Deed Category:  Nod
Pre-Recording Date:  2010-08-09
Date Added:  10/8/2010
:  0

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